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Dutch private exam training and language courses

Private classes Dutch: 

Suitcase's private classes are meant for those who cannot join standard courses because they have  special language needs, such as professional language. As well, private classes are usefull for those who want to focus on one language subject, such as writing. Others who might benefit from one-to- one classes are those who have an irregular working schedule, or limited time for an urgent language need.

Margreet Kwakernaak Suitcase talenIn her long career, Margreet Kwakernaak gained experience teaching highly educated people working in a broad range of professions.

Margreet is a certified senior trainer, certified ONA-coach and has 8 years of experience as an examiner State Exams. Margreet Kwakernaak is author of  eight textbooks on Dutch. Read more about Suitcase talen and Margreet’s classes in student reactions.

Call 036-5367482 for an appointment for a free intake!

Examples of one-to-one classes given by Margreet


15 hours of private lessons Almere

Romanian man (49), sold his dental practice in Romania and now works as a dentist in Amsterdam. He urgently needs specific Dutch for the contact with his patients. A standard course does not meet his need for specific language for a dentist, so he takes 10 x 1,5 hrs of private lessons.. The dentist poses subjects to his lecturer Margreet  which they study and practice. After having conquered some basic Dutch for dentists, the student continues studies in a standard course.


4,5 uur of private lessons Almere

Brazilian woman (29), graduated as a physician in Brasil, after some years of studying the Dutch language, meets all requirements to work as a doctor in the Netherlands. She is applying for a job as a doctor. In order to prepare the Dutch job interviews, she takes 3x1,5 hrs of private lessons. Together with Margreet the Brazilian doctor studies and exercises specific Dutch questions and answers for the job interviews. Answers to previously unanswered language questions are also given.


15x 1,5 hrs € 1600,- plus materials (€ 100-130)  Invoice or  pin in 3 installments

10x 1,5 hrs € 1075,- plus materials (€80-€100) Invoice or pin in 3 installments

3x 1,5 hrs € 320,- (plus materials if needed) One pin

1x 1,5 hrs € 105,- (plus materials if needed) One pin

All  private classes on weekdays 9-17:00, Almere Literatuurwijk

Margreet speaks Dutch, English, Spanish (B2); German, French (B1) and basic Russian ( A2).