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Practical information


  • Call Suitcase talen directly by telephone at +31365367482 to make an appointment for a free intake. An intake consists of an interview and takes 45 minutes. After you have discussed your goals, you will do a few tests to determine your language skill level. Suitcase will inform you about the options and rules of the school and will give you an oral advice.


  • Register online  after completing your intake.
  • Does your employer pay your fees? Register online after your intake and after your employer has contacted Suitcase talen.
  • Within three days after your registration, you will receive by email an invitation for your course. You will find all the details and dates in your invitation.

General terms and conditions and Privacy regulations

Privacy Regulations

  • Personal data of the students, such as their name, address, date of birth and also data about the progress of the students will be used by Suitcase talen in accordance to the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming-GPDR). For the exchange of information with the municipality of Almere and other government institutions, the BSN (Social Security Number) will be used. To this end Suitcase talen has been registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Board for the Protection of Personal Data) under number 1526671.
  • Personal data will not be provided to others.
  • If a student's study costs are reimbursed by the student's employer or some other insitution, Suitcase talen informs them about the curriculum, the progress and the attendance when and if requested. The student may request to see these reports.
  • The teacher who conducted the written and oral tests and evaluated them informs the students about the results and how the evaluation was performed. To assess the language level of the students Suitcase talen uses both paper and computer tests of Bureau ICE (Experts in Tests) which are used at all educational institutions in the Netherlands. The results are determined following prescribed standards and cannot be discussed.
  • One year after the student has finished his or her course, all the documents that the student produced, such as tests and written assignments, are destroyed. Suitcase talen aks for the student's permission in case Suitcase talen wishes to use these products for educational purposes such as a teachers training or the preparation of a textbook.
  • Data of each student such as starting level, end level and duration of the studies are retained until five years after the student has finished the course for possible audits by contractors or other organizations that monitor the quality of Suitcase talen.
  • The student may request Suitcase talen to see the student's personal data, to correct them of to remove (part) of them- as far as not needed for school procedures.
  • The student has the right of data portability: the right to transfer personal data.
  • The student has the right to cancel a permission that the student gave before.
  • in case the student has a complaint about the student's privacy in relation to Suitcase talen, the student can follow the complaint procedure.
  • Student data may be accessed by Suitcase talen personnel only under strict conditions of confidentiality.
  • Student data are stored digitally or on paper using standard office security precautions. Computers are protected by strong passwords and security software, premises protected by burglar- and fire alarms.
  • Questions about privacy in relation to Suitcase talen can be sent to, mentioning 'privacy'.



  • Are you paying the invoice yourself? In case you agreed payment by PIN card in three installments, you may pay at the reception at the first class, the first week of the next calendar month and the first week of the following calendar month. Do you prefer to pay all at once? Then you receive the invoice at the first class. You pin the complete amount at the desk, or transfer the amount to the Suitcase talen IBAN NL25 INGB 0002 9654 42 in the first week of the course.
  • Is your employer paying the invoice? In this case your employer will receive the invoice in mediately after your registration. Your employer will transfer the amount of the invoice to the Suitcase talen IBAN NL25 INGB 0002 9654 42 within the period  which is mentioned on the invoice.

Cancellation of the course

  • Students who pay in three installments at the desk may terminate the course after the first month, without obligation to pay the second and third installments. In case students terminate the course after more than one month, they have to pay the full course.
  • In case the student does not pay the course him- or herself, the contractor ( the employer or some other authority) must pay the fee in in one payment. In case the student does not complete the course, the contracting party has to fulfill the complete payment.
  • In case the student or the contractor does not pay the invoice in time, Suitcase talen  will charge collection costs.These costs amount to a minimum of 15% of the invoice, and the costs of collection, with a minimum of € 40,-. The expiry date of the payment is recorded on the invoice.
  • The student may only cancel participation in a course by e-mail. The cancellation is not valid until it has been acknowledged by Suitcase talen by e-mail. In the event of a cancellation less than 5 business days before the start of the course, the student must pay the first installment of the fee. In the event of late cancellation by some other contracting party, the contractor is required to pay the fee.
  • Suitcase talen may cancel a course in the event of insufficient enrollments by e-mail, with at least 5 business-days' notice. Suitcase talen will not pay any claim to the student of contractor. In case the course has already been paid, Suitcase talen  will reimburse the tuition fee.

Presence in class and cancellation of class

  • In case a student leaves for holiday or is unable to attend one or several classes of a standard course, there will be no opportunity to catch up the lessons. In event of the tutor's absence, Suitcase talen will arrange a solution.
  • Cancellation rules for tailor-made classes are in the offer for the contractor and your invitation for the course.

Proof of Participation and Certificate

  • The group courses are completed with four tests. Inmediatley after you wil receive a one-off certificate including the test results. The results on your certificate are decisive for your admittance to the next course.
  • In case you would like to receive a Proof of Participation for a tailor- made course, ask before the end of the course. No Proof of Participation or Certificate will be granted after the last class.


  • Employers, UWV, the city of Almere and other contractors wish Suitcase talen to report about courses they pay for. In such cases Suitcase talen reports about your attendance, efforts and study results.
  • The student is allowed to examine reports concerning him- or herself, but is not allowed to copy or photograph the report .

Complaint procedure

  • Students, employees, suppliers and customers may make use of this complaint procedure. A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction. All complaints are handled confidentially.
  • If a student, employee, supplier or contractor is dissatisfied or feels unfairly treated then s(he) discusses this with the person who caused the dissatisfaction. This may be the teacher or the director of Suitcase talen, Margreet Kwakernaak.
  • In case this discussion, in the view of the complainant, does not help, the complainant may submit an official and written complaint to the director of Suitcase talen within two weeks after this discussion. The complainant will use the complaint form for this purpose.
  • The director will confirm the receipt of the complaint within three business days. The director will first consult the complainant and any other person(s) concerned in order to find a solution. In most cases the director will also contact the complainant in order to discuss the next steps.In case a complaint will not be processed, the complainant will be informed about this within four weeks after the complaint was submitted.
  • In some situations it may be necessary to seek external professional advice . It is also possible that Suitcase talen engages an external mediator, or the the complainant may refer to this possibility to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties.
  • The mediator makes his or her offer to the complainant within four weeks after having received the complaint. If there are demonstrable reasons the term may be extended.
  • Depending on the seriousness of the complaint, the apparent cause and the responsibility, the mediator determines the proposal to the complainant. The proposal may consist of correction, satisfaction, compensation or a substitute service.
  • The mediator determines whether corrective or preventive measures may be taken to prevent recurrence of the circumstances that caused the complaints.
  • The decision is binding for both parties.

Complaint form