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Suitcase talen – learning Dutch fast

At Suitcase talen in Almere you learn Dutch as a second language (NT2) in a well-organized, short and  effective course. Learning Dutch at Suitcase talen is intensive and fast. Students call Suitcase talen ‘Best in Almere.’

Students of Suitcase talen in Almere are highly skilled knowledge migrants or other highly educated expats from all over the world, including Europe. Some of them want to prepare for the Civic Integration Exam with as ultimate goal a permanent residence permit or a Dutch passport and naturalization. Other students want to integrate in Dutch society, to be able to understand their children who start to talk Dutch, to talk Dutch to their in-laws or to their colleagues at work.

Many international companies based in the Netherlands require both English and Dutch language skills.

Our courses

Suitcase talen offers three types of courses: courses on location, virtual classes with a teacher on ZOOM and the Delft Method. The Delft Method consists of online materials and conversation classes with a teacher on ZOOM.

The 4 Delft Method modules A1+A2 may be done fully online by students form all over the world -- as long as they can prepare and attend two conversation classes on ZOOM per week. The study load is 6-8 hours a week during 5 consecutive weeks. The modular system is flexible and effective, students have spectacular results.

The Suitcase talen Dutch (NT2) 'classic' beginner's course covers A1 and A2 in 4 months. You attend classes during 15 weeks, twice a week, in total 60 hours. While following the course you study at home for 4-6 hours every week. This course is on location.

The B1 course takes another 4 months, twice a week, and may be done either on location or in a virtual classroom with a teacher on ZOOM.

B2 may be done on Saturday morning and is on location.

Suitcase talen NT2 courses are in the evening or on Saturday, either online or in Literatuurwijk Almere.

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