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Taalcursus Nederlands Almere
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Language Courses Dutch at Suitcase talen in Almere

Located in Almere-Literatuurwijk, near the motorway A6 Almere-Lelystad, exit 3, Almere Stedenwijk/Centrum. Excellently accessible by train (Almere Muziekwijk Station) car, bicycle and bus (M4, stop Literatuurwijk-West)

Participants call Suitcase talen 'best of Almere'. They mention the following strong points: well organized, professional teaching and small groups. Students of Suitcase talen are international, highly educated and ambitious. They are expats, highly skilled knowledge migrants,on the civic integration track or have Dutch partners. Those for whom civic integration is compulsary, may contract a loan at the DUO group

Margreet Kwakernaak started Suitcase talen in 1995. She and her collegues taught residents of Almere and employees of international companies of Almere English and other languages. In 2007 Suitcase talen specialized in teaching Dutch, focusing on quality. Read more in student reactions.

Suitcase talen Dutch classes  NT2 Literatuurwijk AlmereLocation

Suitcase talen has its own office in Almere-Literatuurwijk, near the motorway A6 Almere-Lelystad, exit 3, Almere-Stedenwijk/Centrum.. It is excellently accessible by car, train (station Almere Muziekwijk), bus M4 and bicycle. Free parking space is available.


Suitcase talen has been acknowledged as 'short professional education' and is registered in the CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs).

Suitcase talen is holder of the quality mark Blik op Werk. Persons for whom civic integration is compulsary, may get a loan at the DUO-groep if they study at a Blik op Werk school.

In 2017 98% of Suitcase talen candidates for the State Exams and ONA passed- an exceptional high percentage, compared to the results of candidates of other schools.

Students award Suitcase talen 8,4 points (on a scale of ten). Blik op Werk grants 4 stars ****

Margreet Kwakernaak is certified senior trainer NT2 (Dutch as a second language), certified ONA-trainer, has 8 years of experience as an examiner Staatsexamen NT2 and is author of eight books on Dutch. Her best known work is Dutch for Dummies, 2nd Edition. Werkwoorden op Rij 3 has been published in october 2017.

Margreet Kwakernaak is an active member of BVNT2 (Beroepsvereniging Docenten Nederlands als Tweede Taal.

   BVNT2 Beroepsvereniging van Docenten Nederlands als 2e Taal.